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General Election 2017: Youth Turnout Figures

Swiftly after polls closed, the claim that 72% of registered voters aged 18 to 24 had voted in the 2017 General Election was proliferated.

This figure was repeated by Malia Bouttia, the incumbent President of the National Union of Students, and then by David Lammy MP (Tottenham, Labour).


“My contacts are telling me” by the Chair of Youth Vote UK became “early reports suggest” by the NUS President, became “apparently” by journalists and commentators, became statements of fact by MPs and others.


What we know

At the time of writing, we do not have any reliable figures on the turnout rate of age groups.

The exit poll only asks how people voted (by getting respondents to replicate their vote with a mock ballot paper and ballot box).

There are no official figures for turnout by age. Ipsos MORI will be estimating turnout rates by age groups and other demographic variables within the next week. The British Election Study will be conducting further analysis in the coming months.


The House of Commons Library shows that, in every election since 1966, the youngest age group have had the lowest turnout.

As BBC Reality Check notes:

It is true to say that there has been an increase in turnout in constituencies with the largest numbers of young people, but not significantly greater than the increase in turnout in constituencies in general.

We await the analysis from Ipsos MORI and the British Election Study to estimate what turnout by age was on 8th June 2017.



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