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The Lonely Girl Returns

Back in the nascent days of YouTube, a channel of a teenage girl attracted millions of viewers [1].


Those are some terrific eyebrows. (Source: YouTube/lonelygirl15)

Launched in 2006, that channel was Lonelygirl15, and presented the confessions of Bree. Bree was seemingly part of the growing YouTube community of confessional vloggers, who would tell the world behind their screen what their thoughts, feelings and secrets were.

(Video: Lonelygirl15)

After much speculation, it was revealed this was a scripted programme, and one of YouTube’s first web series, starring actress Jessica Lee Rose. The cast grew and the story-line evolved into a fight against a mysterious organisation called The Order.

Mesh Flinders, a co-creator of Lonelygirl15, said [2]:

On YouTube now we wouldn’t get away with this for 30 seconds. People would know she’s fake immediately.

No one will ever trust anyone on YouTube against at face value.

Rose said of her Lonelygirl15 role:

I loved that character. It’s one of my favourites that I’ve ever gotten to play. It’s obviously a huge part, very similar to a younger version of myself and parts of my personality. But I miss Bree, I miss that world.

A new video has appeared on the Lonelygirl15 channel, with Rose once again playing in the titular character.

(Video: lonelygirl15)


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