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A Link to the Past 12/06/2016

Zelda-IGN - 2016-06-12


James Ball and Alberto Nardelli (BuzzFeed): EU Immigration Cover-Up Claims Dealt A Blow by UK’s Independent Statistics Agency

Sam Bowman (Adam Smith Institute): Stop saying ‘virtue signalling’

Nick Cohen (Guardian): Radical tourists have been deluded pimps for Venezuela

Stephen Daisley (STV): You won’t hear this in the mainstream media

Susie Dent (Mental Floss): The Perfect Blend

Cooper Fleishman and Anthony Smith (Mic): (((Echoes))), Exposed: The Secret Symbol Neo-Nazis Use To Target Jews Online

Ellie Mae O’Hagan (Guardian): Labour must stop booing the media – they’re Jeremy Corbyn’s best hope

Glen O’Hara (Public Policy and the Past): Reasons to stay in the European Union, #2: victory over nonsense

Alison McGovern (Medium): The truth, and giving it time

Matt Singh (Number Cruncher Politics): The case against phone polls is not proven

Paul Waldman (Washington Post): The media have reached a turning point in covering Donald Trump. He may not survive it

Anthony Wells (UK Polling Report): ICM parallel phone and online polls

Abi Wilkinson (Total Politics): I was rooting for Corbyn, but he has let me down

George F. Will (Washington Post): Britain, too, is infected with political silliness


Shaun Williams spots a new F1 livery:

‘Twitter’s good boy’ spots the problem with the captured tweet:

Marie Le Conte gives an excellent caption to an excellent picture:

Tom Wilson is brief in his summary of Dr Eoin Clarke’s latest screed:

Hannah Fry enjoys life on BBC Radio 1:

Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader with whom I share a birthday, releases an unimpressed photo of El Gato:

David Hutchison gives the proper response to anyone asking us to “hold the door”:


Simon’s Cat answers that key question on why cats love boxes:

Team Four Star show off their full season of a new series:



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