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A Link to the Past 12/05/2016

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Theo Bertram (Medium): They didn’t win Bury*

John David Blake (Labour Teachers): Historical Truth

‘hrtbps’ (Medium): A Meme I Made Years Ago Was Debated in Parliament

John Crace (Guardian): ‘Accuracy is for snake-oil pussies’: Vote Leave’s campaign director defies MPs

Edward Curwen (BBC): Reality Check: Free trade free from regulation?

Hannah Fearn (Independent): The decision to uphold Anders Brevik’s human rights is the unpalatable, but right to do

Tim Harford (FT Magazine): How politicians poisoned statistics

Anthony Wells (YouGov): YouGov’s accurate elections polls show our new methods are working

Abi Wilkinson (Guardian): Labour’s ban on McDonald’s is no snobbery, it’s crucial support for its staff


Liz Kendall MP literally loved meeting little Liz:

Greg Hands MP finds out he’s pointless:

Jonathan Ashworth MP points out a potential flaw in the ‘Which MP are you?’ quiz:

Ed Balls celebrates Ed Balls Day:

Kyle Griffin foresees the Trump inauguration in the New Yorker:

Vicki thinks she spies a new Bond villain:

Martin wants you to be different, just like everyone else:

It is typical to compare political events to The Thick Of It, but Madden Madden and Technically Ron find other programmes to compare it to:

Carice van Houten loves the necklace, as we all do:

Gabriella Coleman demands we watch this:

Finally, Mira Gonzalez mourns Prince by highlighting one of the best jokes on Animaniacs:


Screen Junkies provide their Honest Trailer of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Simon’s Cat talk all about how cats want to be let in, and then let out:



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