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Elections 2016


There are multiple elections across the United Kingdom today.

Today, Britain goes to the polls. This is the largest and most complex set of elections in the United Kingdom until the next General Election, scheduled to be in 2020 [1].

The Northern Ireland assembly has its elections, where all members are chosen by the single transferable vote system.

The Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly have their elections. These legislatures have a additional member system, so most seats are filled by a direct vote from a constituency, under First Past the Post. The rest of each legislature is conducted under a modified D’Hondt method of proportional representation.

In England, there are a variety of local council elections. Three cities out of London have their mayoral races: Bristol, Liverpool and Salford.

36 elections for Police and Crime Commissioners will be held across England and Wales. In Wiltshire, the incumbent Conservative Angus Macpherson faces off against Dr Brian Mathew of the Liberal Democrats, Kevin Small of Labour, and UKIP’s John Short [2].

London has both its mayoral election and assembly races, with Labour’s Sadiq Khan, the MP for Tooting, and the Conservative’s Zac Goldsmith, the MP for Richmond Park, vying to replace Alexander ‘Boris’ Johnson. The mayoral race is run under the Supplementary vote system.

There are also two parliamentary by-elections in Labour-held constituencies. Huw Irannca-Davies formally resigned from his Ogmore seat to contest the Welsh Assembly election. Harry Harpham passed away from cancer, and the by-election is being fought in the Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough constituency.

Go out and vote!


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