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Ace Attorney Anime


The anime is not overwhelming pretty. (Source: Nintendo Everything)

Ace Attorney, a famous Japanese series of visual novel games, has been translated into an anime [1]. The game is set in an urban city, somewhere in Japan in the Japanese version; or in Los Angeles in North American and European localisations.

The main character, Phoenix Wright (or Ryuichi Naruhudo), is a rookie defence attorney, in a fictional courtroom. All trials must end in three days, and defence lawyers must use investigations, evidence and cross-examinations to prove their case and find their clients ‘not guilty’.


Objection! (Source: Toon Zone)

There are five games in the prime series, and it has been adapted into other media before: manga, stage plays, a film [2, 3, 4]. Whilst the anime is enjoyable, the series has been — thus far — a remake of the existing series, with very little added. In some cases, there are shot-for-shot recreations.

The plot is really good, but the fun in the Ace Attorney games mainly derives from working out the solutions to each case. However, the anime itself can be unnervingly generic. Our heroes run through a field in the opening credits. A ballad fills the ending.

The sixth game in the main series is currently in development, with the anime providing some interim relief for fans.


Alright, why do the anime portions of the sixth game look better than the actual anime? (Source: Media Craft)


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