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‘You won’t hear this in the media’


Media silence! Corporate shill blackout! Read all about it! (Edited: BBC)

A contemporary complaint, seemingly common in protest movements, is that ‘you won’t hear this in the media’, or similar statements about the ‘mainstream media’. For example, failed Labour parliamentary candidate George Aylett posted “where are the media reports?” to Twitter, about 48 minutes after the protests he was attending had formally begun [1].

On 16th April 2016, there was a large protest organised by the anti-austerity group People’s Assembly, demanding “health, homes, jobs and education”. The Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell MP (Labour, Hayes and Harlington) spoke to protestors, calling the government “bankrupt”, and for the Prime Minister to resign and to “take his party with him”. The Green Party leader Natalie Bennett was also at the protests, as were union leaders Len McCluskey, of Unite, and Christine Blower, of the National Union of Teachers.

This protest was reported on the BBC, Sky, ITV, the Independent, the Guardian, the International Business Times, the London Evening Standard, the Huffington Post UK, and the Daily Mail, among others [2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10].

There were a variety of attendance estimates, with the Huffington Post UK claiming there were “more than 50,000” protesters, and the Independent suggesting that “more than 150,000” went to London.

Despite these reports, there are reflexive assertions that this protest did not receive coverage in the “mainstream media”.

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This is demonstrably untrue.

Moreover, claims about “blackouts” are meant to serve as a signal that the protesting group are being unfairly treated and victimised by “corporate” media outlets, as well as echoing conspiracism.

It speaks to a disconnect to ‘mainstream’ politics.


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