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Copy and Haste IX: Missing Tweets


“Seems to be missing”. (Edited: Twitter)

On Twitter, deleting one of your posts is typically seen as a sign of secrecy, of back-tracking, of hiding the truth. In the recent row over tax avoidance, Karl Turner MP (Labour, Kingston upon Hull) wrote:

This tweet seems to be missing from your Twitter feed.
Any idea where it’s gone?

Mr Turner then includes an image of the Chancellor George Osborne’s post:

Tax evasion is not just illegal it’s immoral. People evading tax should be treated same as common thieves. This agreement helps us tackle them.

This tweet has been reposted over 5,000 times.

Aside from the obvious confusion between tax evasion — the breaking of the law to reduce an individual or firm’s tax payments — and tax avoidance — the deliberate means of lowering tax payments within the boundaries of the law — when these two concepts are morally and legally distinct, there is another problem with this post.

Despite Mr Turner and others claiming that Mr Osborne’s tweet had been deleted or hidden, it has not, it is still there.

It appears that Mr Turner, and others, have misled their audiences into believing the Chancellor had done something untoward.



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