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Visualisation Citations

In consort with the election analyst Ian Warren, I produced two data visualisations in Tableau, based upon a YouGov poll of the Labour selectorate [1, 2].

Between the two halves of the survey, my visualisations received over 12,000 views. This was principally shared by Ian Warren, on his Election Data website.

Screenshots from the Tableau reports were also shared by Mike Smithson, a former Liberal Democrat politician and the founder of Political Betting, and Number Cruncher Politics, a polling and psephology website founded by Matt Singh.

It was also featured in the Guardian daily politics blog, shared by journalist Andrew Sparrow [3].

Slides from my Tableau presentation were included in an article on the Huffington Post, written by Paul Waugh [4].


It would be another landslide for Mr Corbyn. (Source: Paul Waugh/Huffington Post)

I really enjoyed helping to visualise this important poll.


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