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A Link to the Past 12/03/2016

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Kate Andrews (City AM): Donald Trump will win if “establishment” remains a dirty word among Republicans

Nick Cohen (Spectator): ‘We told you so, you fools’: the Euston manifesto 10 years on

Nick Cohen (Spectator): Boris Johnson: Everything about you is phoney

Chris Deerin (CapX): Brave Gove should be forgiven by Cameron, but might not be

Michael Gove MP (Conservative Home): By leaving the EU we can take control

Kristian Niemietz (International Business Times): The smugness of NHS cheerleaders is unwarranted – it is totally overrated

Amanda Taub (Vox): The rise of American authoritarianism

Jesse Walker (Reason): In the Age of Trump, Republicans Are In for a Reckoning – Or a Realignment

Matt Walsh (The Blaze): Dear Trump Fan, So You Want Someone To ‘Tell It Like It Is’? OK, Here You Go

Sophie Warnes (Medium): What is data journalism? What does a data journalist do?

Abi Wilkinson (The Baffler): The White Knight Delusion

Anthony Zacharzewski (Medium): Why Michael Gove is wrong on Europe


Harry Stopes reflects on what we deserve:

General Boles reminds us of the chosen one:

Michael Deacon shows off some uncivilised company:

Lord Norton of Louth looks forward to the EU referendum campaign:

Formula One makes some history:

Andy Lang does not think he has good news:

Channel 4 News captures the moment where a Conservative MP interrupts the Leader of the Opposition:


In a video by Grandmaster Maurice Ashley, a chess grand master plays a street hustler:

Burger Fiction shows every Best Visual Effects winner from films:



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