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Google AMP It Up


The AMP initiative was an open and collaborative project. (Edited: Google)

The search engine and technology colossus Google have launched their Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) initiative, which seeks to promote pages that can load very quickly on mobile devices.

User Experience is Queen

The way people look at media articles is changing. Users are picking up their mobile phones and tablet computers in order to read news. According to Richard Pembrooke, a BBC executive [1]:

With over 65% of traffic to BBC News coming from mobiles or tablets, optimising this performance is crucial. Google AMP is another important step to help achieve this goal.

The AMP Project has produced an open source code, meaning that every person can adapt it to their website, big or small. Google will include AMP-compliant news articles in a carousel, following a user’s search. By quickly loading a clean page, this will improve the user experience for reading the news on mobile devices [2].

(Video: Google Chrome Developers)

Over 160 news organisations have taken part in the AMP Project, with the blogging platform WordPress also enabling its paying users to automatically translate their articles into AMP-compliant pages [3].

Walled garden

This is a very different philosophy from Facebook, which has recently launched Instant Articles on its mobile application. Instead of coding the page in a specific way, Facebook wants publishers to host versions of their articles on Facebook’s servers. Users stay within Facebook’s walled garden, rather than exiting the application.

This has serious implications for publishers and news websites, particular in terms of intellectual ownership and advertising revenue.

As we get used to reading about national and international events on our phones, news articles must become more friendly to mobiles.


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