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A Link to the Past 12/01/2016

Zelda-IGN - 2016-01-12


Megan Cossey (Medium): Five Tips for Fact Checking Your Content

Formula One Official Blog: The 2015 F1 Supergrid 

Janan Ganesh (Financial Times): Cosmic justice for Labour’s embattled moderates

Jodie Ginsberg (Index on Censorship): One year on from Charlie Hebdo, dissenting voices must be protected

Kate Godfrey (Medium): So long Labour, and thanks for all the guilt

Louis Jacobson (Politfact): Donald Trump responds to Lie of the Year, says he’s been proven right

Dana Milbank (Washington Post): Trump brings bigots out of hiding

David Paxton: The Killing of Osama Bin Laden: Part 2 — Tragicomedy

Roger White (The Nation said No Thanks!): Grievance of the day

Yo Zushi (New Statesman): In defence of cultural appropriation 


Ben Everitt wishes you a Merry Christmas from The Guardian:

Nick King breaks down a Quality Street tin:

Peter Spence quotes Star Wars:

All hail the pomp of Dr Eoin Clarke:

“Fix that next time, we must”:

Sam Gillies responds to the BBC being down:

The Media Blog finds some marketing people don’t know when the New Year is:

Theo Priestley shares a great Dilbert cartoon:


Red Letter Media, who were behind the famous ‘Plinkett’ reviews of the Star Wars prequels, review the new Star Wars film:



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