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A Brief Conversation


Social media allows for easy conversations across the world, and between people of opposing opinions.

This is the complete conversation I had with a Twitter user calling themself Christina, about the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. The user had identified in their profile that they had supported Mr Corbyn in the recent contest.

Suffice to say, this conversation was swiftly curtailed by Christina blocking me. (The punctuation has been edited to improve the reader’s experience.)

Christina [to Wes Streeting MP]: Sorry. I’m not impressed by dirty politics – talk of overthrowing, it is disrespectful to majority of public who voted for Corbyn.
AM: The Labour selectorate was not, is not, and never will be the public.
C: Have to wait to see what happens in 2020 General Election.
AM: Britain does not have a presidential system: voters elect individual MPs into the House of Commons.
C: Yes, Islington have repeated voted for Jeremy Corbyn since 1983.
AM: That does not mean a Labour Party led by Mr Corbyn will win in 2020, nor does he have majority public support.

It was at this point that Christina decided to withdraw from the polite discussion.

Despite its short length, the strangeness of this conversation lingers.



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