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A Link to the Past 12/12/2015

Zelda-IGN - 2015-12-12


Tony Blair (Spectator): In Defence of Blairism

Eli Clifton (Foreign Policy): Meet Donald Trump’s Islamophobia Expert

Graphical Detail (Economist): The plague of global terrorism

Anna Doble (BBC Newsbeat): Eight things people get wrong about Syria and air strikes

Kate Godfrey (Medium): How Stop the War learned to stop worrying and love Labour

Glen O’Hara (New Statesman): Forget the books. Jeremy Corbyn is without historical precedent 

Gary Rose (BBC Sport): Wolff provides inspiration for others

Ian Warren (Guardian): Labour is losing touch with public opinion, research suggests

Ben Weller (Independent): Debunking the righteous Syria memes that fill up your thread



Amit Bhat posts a super cat during the Brussels lockdown:

Ashley Clark summarises the difference between Britain and the United States:

Columnist Isabel Hardman notes Hilary Benn MP’s politeness:

LZ Granderson seeks political priorities:

Renee DiResta posts a very American GIF:


Simon’s Cat stars in Snow Cat:

Team Four Star start their DBcember, looking at the Dragon Ball Z specials:



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