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A Link to the Past 12/10/2015

Zelda-IGN - 2015-10-12


James Bloodworth (Left Foot Forward): 5 things to take from IPPR’s ‘learning the lessons from Labour’s defeat’ report

Michael Deacon (Telegraph): How to write a perfect speech for a political conference

The Economist: Backwards, Comrades!

Twll Dun (Medium): The socialism of fools

Full Fact: David Cameron’s conference speech, fact-checked

Janan Ganesh (Financial Times): Jeremy Corbyn has risen because the stakes are low

David Harsanyi (Reason): Liberals are done debating

Andrew Hussey (The Guardian): Air France and Manchester offer history lessons for the angry mob

Jess Phillips MP (Huffington Post): Conference – A Warm and Fuzzy Echo Chamber

Ruby Stockham (Left Foot Forward): Theresa May makes speech contradicting her own research


Carla Filt awaits a dramatic entrance:

James Bloodworth and I share a nightmare:

Columnists Isabel Hardman and Jim Waterson endure abuse on their way to the Conservative Party conference:

Tom Freeman elaborates on David Cameron’s line that “Britain and Twitter are not the same thing”:


For those with an esoteric sense of humour, Film Cow have compiled the Charlie the Unicorn series:

Honest Trailers take on Disney’s Aladdin:



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