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A Link to the Past 14/09/2015

Zelda-IGN - 2015-09-14


Roger Bootle (Telegraph): What are we to think of Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘people’s QE’?

Sam Bowman (International Business Times): Jeremy Corbyn and the inequality myth: Sorry Labour lefties, your new messiah will not help the poor

Stephen Bush (New Statesman): Can non-voters win the next election for Labour?

Michelle Donelan MP: My speech on the Assisted Dying Bill

Rowan Emslie (Medium): Lessons from the outside

Jonathan Foreman (Commentary Magazine): The Timothy Hunt Witch Hunt

Philip Kleinfeld (Vice): Calling bullshit on the anti-refugees memes flooding the internet

Tom Phillips (BuzzFeed): What will happen now Jeremy Corbyn is Labour leader, according to the media

Bailey Poland (Suite): Similarities between anti-suffragette posters and anti-feminist memes

Rob Young (Medium): Labour student’s response to the NUS NEC


Sebastian Payne notes that George Aylett, Labour campaigner and failed parliamentary candidate, was very excited at Jeremy Corbyn becoming Labour leader:

Queen B prepares for the latest Tony Blair column:

Mr Eugenides asks about the Labour appointments:


Simon’s Cat released another video:

Goku of Dragon Ball Z takes on Street Fighter 2: 

Finally, James Campion has this vine of Labour leadership candidate Liz Kendall:



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