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Women’s Equality Party

If this party grows in popularity, a discussion in a pub could be momentous. (Edited: Women's Equality Party Bath)

If this party grows in popularity, a discussion in a pub could be momentous. (Edited: Women’s Equality Party Bath)

Packed into a pub in Bath, a new political force fermented.

The Women’s Equality Party has not been formally constituted, but lies in utero, preparing for a prospective launch in September.

“Here’s an idea”

Author Catherine Meyer, dreading current political options, said at the Women of the World Festival at the Southbank Centre:

Here’s an idea. Ukip, and obviously this is not our model, have stolen votes from the mainstream, forcing leading parties to take their agenda seriously. Let’s form a women’s party and see what happens. I’ll be in the bar afterwards if anyone wants to discuss it.

Ms Meyer told GLAMOUR:

Unfortunately, many people interpreted this as I’d be buying the drinks, so it all started with a potentially ruinous bar bill as so many people turned up. It signified that parties aren’t changing fast enough.

The objectives of this party are: equal representation in politics and the boardroom, equal pay, equal parenting rights, equality of and through education, equal treatment by and in the media, and an end to violence against women.

The mission statement is clear, but the policies themselves are still in flux.


The Women’s Equality Party gained wider acclaim after comedian Sandi Toksvig left BBC Radio 4’s News Quiz in order to become a founder. Iterating a “non-partisan” approach that attracts “people from all sides”, Ms Toksvig said:

It is a fantastic group of women — and indeed men — who have decided that enough is enough and we need to make some changes.

Ms Toksvig added it was “very possible” the Women’s Equality Party would gain seats in the 2020 General Election. It could also induce defections, similar to how the UK Independence Party gained its first Westminster representation.

The bar’s top floor was filled with enthused advocates.

The question remains whether this effervescence can evolve into eminence.


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