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A Link to the Past 12/03/2015

Zelda-IGN - 2015-03-12

Articles of the Month

bathimpact: Meet the candidates: President, Education, Community, Activities, Sport

Nick Cohen (The Guardian): The sinister treatment of dissent at the BBC

Mike Collins (Forbes): Pseudo Science and the Age of Irrationalism

Nathan Crooks (CapX): The paradox of Venezuela

Tim Lott (The Guardian): If leftwingers like me are condemned as rightwing, then what’s left?

Dan McCrum (FT Alphaville): Meet the man who could own Aviva France

Brendan O’Neill: Offensiveness is the coursing lifeblood of human progress

Joel Shannon (Geneva Voice): You know what’s really offensive? Being offended

Graeme Wood (The Atlantic): What ISIS Really Wants

Tweet of the Month

Sulka Haro considers The Matrix: The Dress Reloaded, in this tweet:

Video of the Month

In this Liberty Pen video, Robertson Dean reads Thomas Sowell’s brilliant delineation of rent control laws.



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