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A Link to the Past 12/02/2015

Zelda-IGN - 2015-02-12Articles of the Month

Ross Douthat (New York Times): Our Loud, Proud Left

Robert Ford (Observer): How Green Party surge threatens Labour’s election hopes

Daniel Hannan MEP (Conservative Home): Stop complaining about the NHS. You’re getting what you asked for

Isabel Hardman (Spectator): Political tribalism at its worst

Allister Heath (Telegraph): The game is up. It’s time for Greece to leave the Eurozone and move on

Simon Jenkins (Guardian): Where are the real Tories? We need a party to halt the advance of the state

Boris Johnson (Telegraph): Labour’s energy freeze is dead and Ed has nothing to offer

David Moth (Econsultancy): How Lidl used storytelling to alter the brand’s perception

Dan Pearson (GamesIndustry.Biz): Crash Override: “Our mission is to return control to the victim”

Conor Pope (New Statesman): The Greens are a joke, and Labour shouldn’t be frightened of saying so

David Runciman (London Review of Books): Notes on the Election

Natasha Singer (New York Times – Bits): With a Few Bits of Data, Researchers Identify ‘Anonymous’ People

Stephen Tall (Conservative Home): Five things we know about the election that no-one can predict

Tweet of the Month

Victoria Coren-Mitchell ponders about the Fifty Shades of Grey film:

Video of the Month

It has to be the game-play trailer for the 3DS remaster of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask:



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