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A Link to the Past 12/01/2015

Zelda-IGN - 2015-01-12

Articles of the Month

Clive Bates: The Worst Letter of 2014 – a review

James Bloodworth (The Independent): Katie Hopkins’ views are now considered matters for law enforcement, and that’s terrifying

James Bloodworth (Left Foot Forward): Charlie Hebdo: no excuses – just murder

Jason Brandon (Left Foot Forward): The neo-cons are wrong: our use of torture is the problem, not the media’s coverage

Hollie Christian-Brookes (bathimpact): “This programme is called Question Time, right?”

The Economist: Tony Blair and Ed Miliband: Don’t go that way

Kat Haché (Bustle): What Leelah Acorn’s Death Means to Me as a Transgender Woman and Advocate

Peter Hitchens and Johann Hari (Mail on Sunday): Is the ‘war on drugs’ making the problem worse?

Cerian Jenkins (Project Soapbox): Teenagers and Politics: Why Politics should be taught at school

Alex Massie (The Spectator): Je Suis Charlie

Dick Puddlecote: How The Public Are Elbowed Out of ‘Public Consultations’

Christopher Snowdon (City AM): The war on drugs began 100 years ago today: Let’s hope it doesn’t last another century

Olivier Tonneau (Media Part): On Charlie Hebdo: A letter to my British friends

Tweet of the Month

For the tweet of the month, Alex Deane shares Matt’s cartoon:

Video of the Month

On a lighter note, here is a fantastic video of the Northern Lights:



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