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A Link to the Past 12/11/2014

ALttP - Just Push Start - 12112014Here are a selection of intriguing articles from the past month.

Henry Blodget (Business Insider): OK, Haters, It’s Time to Admit It: The World is Becoming a Better Place

Sam Bowman (Adam Smith Institute): David Cameron vs feminism 

Cllr Simon Cooke (Conservative Home): No more nannying fussbuckets – let’s have a Conservative public health agenda

Sam Harris: Why Don’t I Criticise Israel?

Natasha Jokic (bathimpact): Groping: you guys need to get a grip

Michael Moynihan (The Daily Beast): Russell Brand’s Revolution for Morons

Brendan O’Neill (National Review): An Ivy League Lynch Mob

Abi Wilkinson (UsVsTh3m): This is what happened when one of our female writers criticised Dapper Laughs on Twitter

For my tweets of the month, Dan Barker helps create a meme involving Russell Brand:

Jennifer Williams of Manchester Evening News finds an article that epitomises The Guardian:

Lastly, my video of the month is Marvel’s teaser trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron:



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