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A Link to the Past 12/10/2014

ALttP - Just Push Start - 12102014

Here are a list of interesting articles from the past month.

Charlotte Bowyer (Adam Smith Institute): The smoke and mirrors of prohibition

Peter Hitchens (Mail Online): A Tory-UKIP Pact would be Bad for Britain

Tristram Hunt MP (The Observer): All David Cameron has left now is abuse

Syed Kamall MEP (Huffington Post): Dispelling Myths about the EU-US Trade Deal Negotiations

Robert P. Murphy (Consulting by RPM): Economic Fallacies 1 of 4

Dick Puddlecote: Australia’s Lone Libertarian

John Sargeant (Left Foot Forward): Why banning extremists is wrong

Christopher Snowdon (Velvet Glove, Iron Fist): Simon Chapman: Not Even Wrong

Tim Worstall: The Murphmonster’s latest insanity on economics

Tweet and Video of the Month

Betfair have a humorous look on Wenger and Mourinho’s touchline scuffle:

Simon’s Cat has a Halloween special Scaredy Cat:



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