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A Link to the Past 12/07/2014

ALttP - Just Push Start - 12072014

Here is a selection of my favourite articles over the past month:

Mark Ferguson (Labour List): Beware politicians bearing “emergency” laws

Nick Gillespie (Daily Beast): One War we should be happy to lose once and for all: the Drug War

Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry (Forbes): Libertarians who are for everything except having children and practising religion

Clodagh McGuire (BioMed Central): What we do without antibiotics?

Allan McNish (BBC Sport): Fernando Alonso-Sebastian Vettel was F1 at its best

Jen Newell (Poker Stars): The evolution of Vicky’s poker story

Jamie Palmer (Jacobinism): Resistance is Futile

Christopher Snowdon (Velvet Glove, Iron Fist): The consequences of not mugging you



My video of the month is the Indiegogo campaign from Simon’s Cat:


The tweets of the month are this representation of USA goalkeeper Tim Howard:


William Shatner also responds to the Westboro Baptist Church:





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