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Apologies for My Absence

I would like to extend an apology for my absence to all my regular readers. I have recently begun a new job as a marketing analyst, following my PhD. At about the same time, I was asked to undertake a large amount of data presentation for my Students’ Union, which I happily obliged. This has meant that I have been unable to dedicate any serious amount of time to this blog. It’s slightly less than a month away from the second year anniversary of this blog, upon which I have posted 237 articles, looking at a wide variety of topics. I’m going to make some changes to this blog, and the expected schedule of articles.

Firstly, I’m amending the blog’s subtitle to ‘Driven by data; ridden with liberty.’ This change seeks to highlight that my articles usually investigate the evidence and arguments for and against particular government policies. Also, ‘A Libertarian Conservative’s Perspective’ utilises an uncommon term for the British audience – which is often then maligned. Indeed, I have suffered a case of a person deriving a belief that my blog is “misleading” from that subtitle alone. This is not a rejection of my philosophy. I simply aim to inform my readers of the available data on each topic, and I want the subtitle to reflect that endeavour. I will persist in ensuring my blog references each point from sources of high quality, such as the Office for National Statistics.

Secondly, my ‘About’ page is now out of date: it will be altered to match the completion of my PhD.

Thirdly, I have changed the photo that appears in the top left corner of my home page. It was originally the default of this WordPress theme, and it is now part of the gold and blue diagonal flag – which is typically associated with libertarian conservatism.

Fourthly, I want to edit one image in each article to overlay the title of the article. This works really well on other sites, such as spiked and elsewhere. I think it would work well here.

The programme 'Heroes' had cool title cards for each episode. (Photo: CST Online)

The programme ‘Heroes’ had cool title cards for each episode. (Photo: CST Online)

Fifthly, I want to thank all the people at the University of Bath Students’ Union Media group for their kind shelter and friendship. However, I will no longer be a student at the university, and so cannot write articles. This will leave a terrible hole in my normal selection of articles. Since I will be writing these articles almost exclusively at the weekend, I want to write three articles a week – either two or three of which will be around the same theme. I do have several prospective projects for these new series, with topics like an historical view of the role of governments, British membership of the European Union and much more. The upcoming series of articles should concern the manifestos and political broadcasts of different parties for the European Parliament elections. I will also continue the ‘Statistics and Lampposts’ series, illuminating aspects of statistics.

My blog will soon enter its third year: I hope you enjoy it.



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