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A Link to the Past 12/11/2013

(Photo: Casey Marshall)

(Photo: Casey Marshall)

Here are my favourite articles over the past month.

Chris Auld: 18 signs you’re reading a bad criticism of economics

Kyle Hill (Scientific American): Squirtle, I (Should) Choose You! Settling a Great Pokémon Debate with Science

Dan Hodges (Telegraph): The rule of law is what separates us from our enemies. There can be no leniency for Marine A

Alex Massie (Spectator): Peter Hitchens is wrong (on the Internet!). There really is a war on drugs

Robert P. Murphy (Consulting by RPM): Krugman: Whether Potential GDP is Up, Down, or Sideways, It’s more Evidence that I’m Right

Fraser Nelson (Telegraph): Nick Clegg is rejecting liberalism just as the Conservatives are embracing it

Brendan O’Neill (spiked): The fight for freedom of speech starts here

Dick Puddlecote: New study finds No Evidence for Plain Packaging

Hugo Rifkind (Spectator): Yes, I’m apathetic about politics. But isn’t Russell Brand?

Christopher Snowdon (spiked): The disease of public health

Christopher Snowdon (Velvet Glove, Iron Fist): More drivel from the University of Bath

David Thompson: A Dull Hum of Distant Agony

Tim Worstall: Goddam it Polly! 

I should take the time to invite all those that can come to a public debate on the monarchy at the University of Bath between Graham Smith of Republic and North East Somerset MP Jacob Rees-Mogg. It is being held by the University of Bath Debating Society, and starts at 6:30pm in Room 1.12 of the Chancellor’s Building.

Here is my tweet of the month:

Unfortunately, I couldn’t choose between two videos, so I’m going to put both of them. First, the trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past:

Secondly, an acapella version of the Final Fantasy VII Victory Fanfare:



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