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A Link to the Past 12/06/2013

(Photo:Casey Marshall)

(Photo:Casey Marshall)

Here is a collection of good articles throughout the past month.

James Bloodworth (Left Foot Forward): The tweet that sums up the English Defence League

Simon Cooke (The View from Cullingworth): Advertising doesn’t create new demand

Michael Gove MP (Telegraph): Ed Miliband is a blancmange in a hurricane

Dan Hodges (Telegraph): The Latest Lefty mantra: Check your Privilege

Fraser Nelson (Telegraph): The truth is we can’t afford a shiny new transport system like HS2

Christopher Snowdon (Velvet Glove, Iron Fist): Don’t let them eat cake!

Christopher Snowdon (Velvet Glove, Iron Fist): Sweden: an apology

Alex Wickham (The Commentator): This week’s utterly disturbing Leftists

Tim Worstall: Price setting always ends this way, doesn’t it?


Finally, the tweet of the month:

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