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A Link to the Past 12/04/2013

Given the death of Margaret Thatcher, a number of superb articles have been written about her government, her policies, her legacy and the reactions to her passing.

Kylie Barton (Barton’s Brain Plane): Maggie; the passing of an icon and an era whether you are a lover or a hater

Daniel Hannan MEP (Telegraph): Margaret Thatcher took a ruined, dishonoured and bankrupt Britain and left it prosperous, confident and free

Allister Heath (Telegraph): To blame Margaret Thatcher for today’s problems is to misunderstand history

Dan Hodges (Telegraph): Mum did to Maggie what she’d done to Kermit

Cerian Jenkins (Insight of an Intern): The Lady is Not Returning: Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013)

Peter Oborne (Telegraph): Marvel at Margaret Thatcher – the outsider who beat the system

Charles Orton-Jones (London Loves Business): 7 Most Annoying Thatcher Myths

Here are some other great articles from the last month.

Andrew Benson (BBC Sport): Australian GP: Kimi Raikkonen wins ahead of Fernando Alonso

Tony Blair (New Statesman): Labour must search for answers and not merely aspire to be a repository for people’s anger

Chris Clements (University of Bath SU President): National Conference – Victory for common sense

Iain Dale: A Political Geek’s Wet Dream – Coming to you Soon on CD

Daniel Hannan MEP (Telegraph): Mining coal is good, but burning coal is bad? I’m really struggling to understand the Left

Robert P. Murphy (Consulting by RPM): For Krugman, the Size of a Deficit Depends on the Point He’s Trying to Make

Peter Oborne (Telegraph): David Miliband a colossus? He’s a greedy failure in a cosmic sulk

Dick Puddlecote: We Have A Winner!

Christopher Snowdon (Velvet Glove, Iron Fist): Tobacco control doesn’t work, admits CRUK

Adam Wadsworth (Left Foot Forward): “Social justice is what gets me up in the morning”. Goodbye, David Miliband

Ellie Williams (Bristol Vantage): #NUSNC13 Highs & Lows

Tim Worstall: How lovely, this will enrage just about everyone

Tim Worstall: Polly’s guide to change in the NHS


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