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A Link to the Past 12/1/2013

Here are some articles I’ve enjoyed over the past month:

Simon Cooke (The View from Cullingworth): Can anyone reading this still wish to remain in the EU?

Simon Cooke (The View from Cullingworth): Thunderbirds creator just went – Farewell Gerry Anderson

Guido Fawkes (order-order): Andrew Bridgen: MPs are underpaid

Guido Fawkes (order-order): IPPR Still Doesn’t Get It

Guido Fawkes (order-order): Young Independence: Incest, Bestiality and Necrophilia; Party Sources: Gay Marriage was Tip of Iceberg

Daniel Hannan MEP (Telegraph): Nick Clegg doesn’t just talk in cliché, he thinks in cliché

Daniel Hannan MEP (Telegraph): Switzerland is a more attractive model than Norway, but Britain could do better than either

John Hayward (Human Events): The Constitutional Education of Piers Morgan

Daniel J. Mitchell (The Commentator): First bankrupt EU welfare state to find recovery formula?

Robert P. Murphy (consultingbyrpm): Two Genuine Krugman Kuestions

Robert P. Murphy (Library of Economics and Liberty): What Economic Research Says about Fiscal Austerity and Higher Tax Rates

John Phelan (The Commentator): Seumas Milne’s mad wealth tax

Dick Puddlecote (dickpuddlecote.blogpost): Pasties, Chocolate Oranges, Chicken, and Now Sugar Puffs

Christopher Snowdon (Velvet Glove, Iron Fist): E-Cigarettes in the Guardian

Mark Wallace (CrashBangWallace): Exclusive: that new Kate portrait put right

Mark Wallace (CrashBangWallace): UKIP’s Ollyshambles has serious consequences

Tim Worstall (timworstall): In Praise of Malaysian Lawyers

Tim Worstall (timworstall): Ritchie on France’s 75% tax rate

Toby Young (Telegraph): Contrary to ‘exclusive’ reports in the press, the Tories don’t have any plans to privatise state education

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