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A Link to the Past 10/08/2012

Here are a few of my favourite articles over the past month:

Andrew Gibson (The Commentator): Polly always sees red: Toynbee’s rewriting of history

Biased BBC: How’s that Stimulus doing then?

Biased BBC: Mardell on Message

Cerian Jenkins (Huffington Post): Insight of an Intern – Your CV

Christopher Snowdon: A timely plain packaging study

Christopher Snowdon: On the importance of defending small liberties

Churchmouse Campanologist: New York Soda Ban: A ‘Trivial’ Issue of ‘Personal Freedom’

Dan Hannan MEP: Manchester votes overwhelming for an In/Out referendum

Dick Puddlecote: If you disagree, you will be silenced

Guido Fawkes: Mensch Forces Labour To Condemn their Maggie Trolls

Guido Fawkes: The Two Faces of Polly Toynbee

John Phelan (The Commentator): Got milk? – Yes, plenty thanks

Peter Botting (The Commentator): Nick Clegg’s Kindergarten Moment

Taxpayer’s Alliance: Government savings infographic in perspective

The Nameless Libertarian: Libertarians and Drugs

Tim Worstall: Chomsbollocks

Tim Worstall: Of course there are empty Olympic seats, our Victorian government is arresting anyone who tries to sell them

Tim Worstall: What is it with Minimum Pricing?


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  1. churchmouse
    August 10, 2012

    Thank you for the mention — much appreciated!

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