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One of the assumptions underlying political populism is that if a party adopts a popular policy then the party itself will become popular. David Miliband, the former South Shields MP … Continue reading

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And Then There Were Four

Founded in 1900 by the Trades Union Congress, the Labour Representation Committee sought to bring working class opinions into the House of Commons, working with the Independent Labour Party [1]. … Continue reading

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To an onlooker, the workings of the British Parliament may seem labyrinthine. It is important to understand that a proposed law must pass through multiple stages in order to become … Continue reading

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It is so ordered

After a historic ruling by the Supreme Court [1], the United States became another country to remove the prohibition on same-sex marriages nationwide. The fourteen states with bans can no … Continue reading

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South West General Election 2015 Dashboard

Data analysis and data visualisation are becoming increasingly important in the circles of business and politics. Using Tableau Public 9.0 [1], I’ve created a dashboard that allows the user to … Continue reading

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Final Fantasy VII: A Legend Reforged

The reunion at hand may bring joy. It may bring fear, but let us embrace whatever it brings: for they are coming back. At last, the promise has been made. … Continue reading

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Magna Carta

It was the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta. At Runnymede, where King John signed the original accord in 1215, Prime Minister David Cameron said: Why do … Continue reading

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