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British Euroscepticism

In less than nine weeks, Britain will go to the polls in a referendum on the nation’s membership of the European Union (EU). The question arises: what attitudes lie behind … Continue reading

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The Expected Shock

In all known polling on the referendum of Britain’s European Union (EU) membership, there has been a proclivity of younger voters and university graduates to support remaining in the EU. … Continue reading

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Khan Stays, Goldsmith Decays

The race for the London mayoralty continues. YouGov conducted a poll of 1,017 London adults from its online panel, conducted between 15th and 19th April 2016 [1]. When asked who … Continue reading

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Copy and Haste X: Brexit Maths

On the BBC political debating programme Question Time, an audience member claimed that leaving the European Union would mean Britain could entirely pay its national debt back by 2030. (Video: … Continue reading

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Where We Start

There is a noticeable and substantial disparity between polls for the upcoming referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union, depending on whether those polls are conducted via the telephone … Continue reading

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Review: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

  Following on from Man of Steel, Zack Snyder returns to direct Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which intends to establish the cinematic Justice League, or the DC Extended … Continue reading

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Aladdin’s Cave

Whilst the British referendum on the European Union may leave campaigners weak and weary, there is excitement in committee halls normally dull and dreary. On 20th April 2016, Dominic Cummings … Continue reading

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