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Statistics and Lampposts XIII: Effect Sizes

One of the more misunderstood concepts in statistics is that of statistical significance. If the difference between two groups is statistically significant, it simply means that the described difference is … Continue reading

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Reshuffle or Boogie

As Prime Minister, David Cameron has kept the movement of his ministers to a minimum. As a testament to this stability, Theresa May is the longest-serving Home Secretary since Rab … Continue reading

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Emergency Surveillance Laws

With the amount of legislative directives billowing from the European Commission, it was only a matter of time before two laws were ruled to contradict one another.  In April, the … Continue reading

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A Link to the Past 12/07/2014

Here is a selection of my favourite articles over the past month: Mark Ferguson (Labour List): Beware politicians bearing “emergency” laws Nick Gillespie (Daily Beast): One War we should be … Continue reading

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Review: How to Train Your Dragon 2

The main surprise of How to Train Your Dragon – the story of a boy raised to kill dragons beginning a forbidden friendship – was not that it made money. … Continue reading

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iCampaign: The Beasts Within

This new era also enlightens aspects of humanity that were previously restless in shadow. Whilst social media does provide a platform for the full rainbow of political beliefs, it can … Continue reading

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iCampaign: The Power of Social Media

Undoubtedly, social media is part of mainstream political culture. In Britain alone, there are 31.5m Facebook users and 15m people on Twitter. The sheer level of online activity necessitates large … Continue reading

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